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Canadian Capers

My friend Angela Nilsen, who not only tested the recipes for Knife Skills For Beginners but also photographed them, recently visited her family in the mountains of rural British Columbia. ‘While wandering downtown I saw this cute bookshop, and lo and behold – a copy of your book.’

The shop in question is Notably, in Nelson, B.C., run by bookseller extraordinaire Samara Nicoll. With the help of a friendly passer-by (Nelson sounds like a very friendly place) Samara was determined to work out ‘whodunit’; she and her customer even held the book upside down, but still couldn’t crack it.

Never having been to Canada, I’ve added Nelson to my must-visit list for the future. Warm greetings to Samara and readers in British Columbia.

Knife Skills for Beginners - Canadian Caper


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