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Behind the Scenes at 41 Chester Square

Author's note about Chester Square Cookery School and 'the smallest house in Belgravia'.

Orlando Murrin | Crime Fiction Author | Knife Skills for Beginngers

Knife Skills For Beginners is set in the real streets of Belgravia – the patch between Chester Square and Sloane Square.

While many of the houses in the area are grand and enormous including 41 Chester Square (which does not exist), others are tiny workmen's cottages, including Paul's, which is an (imaginary) two-up, two-down off a (real) cul-de-sac called Skinner Place. Running between the two is bustling Elizabeth Street, with a village atmosphere and interesting independent shops, including a pet shop, cupcake parlour, wine shop and florist.

Almost all the area is owned by the Grosvenor Estate, which places rigorous demands on its leaseholders in terms of property maintenance, what colour you can paint your front door and other restrictions. Although the large residences are now the domain of the super-rich, the intersecting streets and mews have a friendly neighbourhood feel.

If you visit the area, do not miss: The Thomas Cubitt pub; Les Senteurs (independent perfumery); Bayley and Sage (deli); TomTom coffee house.


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