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I had the best fun on a recent visit to Westbank Community Health and Care in Exminster, on the outskirts of Exeter. They’ve set up a Community Cookery School, and on the agenda was a Mother and Baby Weaning Class. I get a bit nervous round babies – I’ve not had much to do with them – but I needn’t have worried, as they all behaved perfectly while the grown-ups chatted and cooked up wholesome, baby-friendly treats, including Pea, Leek, Broccoli, Chickpea and Mint Purée; Hummus/Chickpea Purée; and Banana and Carrot Oat Bars.

Orlando Murrin - Babywatch

With the prevalence of allergies nowadays, I learnt that babies are introduced to different food groups gradually. Mums Zoe, Sammy, Harriet, Sarah, Kara, Lucy and Jade seemed to take it all in their stride, and I marvelled at how they managed to cook, jiggle babies and have intelligent conversation all at once. As you can see from the pictures, we had a great time, and bang on cue, as the lesson ended, all the babies simultaneously fell asleep.

I’m very much honoured that the organisation has invited me to become an ambassador (call me Your Excellency) so you’ll be hearing about more adventures in future. Warm thanks to the lovely team at Westbank Community Health and Care, including Amanda, Katie, Pip and Emma; and Sharon for asking me along in the first place.

Orlando Murrin - babywatch


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