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Information for book clubs




Some prompts to get a conversation started after you've finished the book. If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me directly.


1 The events of Knife Skills For Beginners take place over one week in September. How do you think the season and weather reflect the progress of the story?


2 Belgravia is a mixture of enormous mansions, mews and cottages. Could this story have been set anywhere else?


3 What were your first impressions of Paul? How did they change as you read the story?


4 Why do you think Julie chooses to communicate in emojis? Why do you think she's interested in astrology?


5 Paul and Rose have both experienced loss, although in very different circumstances. Does this act as a bond between them – or drive them apart?


6 Paul's natural defence mechanism is to see the funny side. Does this undermine his attempt to find out who killed Christian?


7 There are several characters in the book who are potentially the right age to be Christian's missing children. Can you spot them all?


8 Who has more talent as a chef – Christian or Paul?


9 Paul is a highly reluctant investigator. Once he gets into it, does he find he's enjoying himself?


10 After the course is over and the students have gone home, which ones do you think will keep in touch with Paul?


11 The setting is real – streets, shops, addresses. If you live in London, why not walk it for yourself, and finish up at the Botanist for a glass of Taittinger?

12 If you enjoy listening to classical music while reading, you'll find a relaxing Knife Skills For Beginners playlist on Spotify, here. (If you clicked the 'play' triangle at the top of the page, you're hearing the music Paul and Julie have on in the background during the Epilogue: the Adagio from Mozart's K467 concerto, played by Dinu Lipatti.)

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